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Bursty bulk flows in the inner central plasma sheet

Bursty bulk flows in the inner central plasma sheet

Publication date: 02 March 1992

Authors: Angelopoulos, V. et al.

Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research
Volume: 97
Issue: A04
Page: 4027-4039
Year: 1992

Copyright: American Geophysical Union

High-speed flows in the inner central plasma sheet (first reported by Baumjohann et al. (1990) are studied, together with the concurrent behavior of the plasma and magnetic field, by using AMPTE/IRM data from about 9 to 19 R(E) in the earth magnetotail. The conclusions drawn from the detailed analysis of a representative event are reinforced by a superposed epoch analysis applied on two years of data. The high-speed flows organize themselves in 10-min time scale flow enhancements called here bursty-bulk flow (BBF) events. Both temporal and spatial effects are responsible for their bursty nature. The flow velocity exhibits peaks of very large amplitude with a characteristic time scale of the order of a minute, which are usually associated with magnetic field dipolarizations and ion temeperature increases. The BBFs represent intervals of enhanced earthward convection and energy transport per unit area in the y-z GSM direction of the order of 5 x 10 exp 19 ergs/R(E-squared).

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