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Anomalous resistivity due to nonlinear lower-hybrid drift waves

Anomalous resistivity due to nonlinear lower-hybrid drift waves

Publication date: 03 June 2005

Authors: Silin, I. et al.

Journal: Phys. Plasmas
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
ID: 062902
Year: 2005

Copyright: American Institute of Physics

The generation of anomalous collision rate and resistivity by lower-hybrid drift waves is investigated. A general expression involving particle density and current perturbations and electromagnetic field fluctuations is used to estimate the effective collision frequency. Results of Vlasov-code simulations and Cluster spacecraft measurements suggest that electrostatic and electromagnetic fluctuations provide approximately equal contributions to the electron collision rate, which is of the order of the lower-hybrid frequency. The anomalous resistivity based on such collision rate could be significant for the large-scale plasma dynamics in Earth's magnetosphere, such as magnetic reconnection.

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