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Structure of the near-Earth plasma sheet during tailward flows

Structure of the near-Earth plasma sheet during tailward flows

Publication date: 26 March 2008

Authors: Runov, A. et al.

Journal: Ann. Geoph.
Volume: 26
Issue: 3
Page: 709-724
Year: 2008

Copyright: EGU

A detailed analysis of successive tailward flow bursts in the near-Earth magnetotail (X~-19 RE) plasma sheet is performed on the basis of in-situ multi-point observations by the Cluster spacecraft on 15 September 2001. The tailward flows were detected during a northward IMF interval, 2.5 h after a substorm expansion. Each flow burst (Vx<300 km/s) was associated with local auroral activation. Enhancements of the parallel and anti-parallel ~1 keV electron flux were detected during the flows. The spacecraft configuration enables to monitor the neutral sheet (Bx~0) and the level of Bx~10-15 nT simultaneously, giving a possibility to distinguish between closed plasmoid-like structures and open NFTE-like surges. The data analysis shows NFTE-like structures and localized current filaments embedded into the tailward plasma flow. 3-D shapes of the structures were reconstructed using the four-point magnetic filed measurements and the particle data.

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