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Comparison of periodic substorms at Jupiter and Earth

Comparison of periodic substorms at Jupiter and Earth

Publication date: 13 April 2008

Authors: Kronberg, E.A. et al.

Journal: J. Geophys. Res.
Volume: 113
Issue: A04
ID: A04212
Year: 2008

Copyright: American Geophysical Union

The Energetic Particles Detector and magnetometer measurements on Galileo showed that the Jovian magnetosphere undergoes reconfiguration processes which are very similar to the characteristics of a terrestrial substorm. At Jupiter the reconfiguration process occurs quasi-periodically with a repetition period of several days. In the terrestrial magnetosphere periodic substorms have been observed during magnetic storms. The comparison of the periodic magnetospheric disturbances at Jupiter and Earth shows that they are similar in dynamic features as well as in spatial distribution but have different energy sources. In the case of Earth, the well-established energy source is the solar wind. In the case of the Jovian magnetosphere, it is believed that internal energy is supplied by the fast planetary rotation and the moon Io which releases ~1000 kg s-1 of plasma into the magnetosphere. It is established that the energy accumulation and subsequent release lead to similar features in the magnetospheres of both planets. The particle data show periodic intensity fluctuations and plasma pressure variations. In addition, recurring signatures of stretching and dipolarization are observed in the magnetic field at the terrestrial and Jovian magnetospheres. Furthermore, the release process is associated with an intensification of auroral emissions. The typical phases for terrestrial substorms like growth, expansion and recovery are also found in the periodic substorms at Jupiter. As a lesson taken from the Jovian magnetosphere it is proposed that under certain conditions periodic magnetospheric substorms at Earth can be driven by mass-loading from the plasmasphere.

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