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Observations of Turbulence Generated by Magnetic Reconnection

Observations of Turbulence Generated by Magnetic Reconnection

Publication date: 20 January 2009

Authors: Eastwood, J.P. et al.

Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett.
Volume: 102
Issue: 3
ID: 035001
Year: 2009

Copyright: The American Physical Society

Spacecraft observations of turbulence within a magnetic reconnection (guide field ~0) ion diffusion region are presented. In the inertial subrange, electric and magnetic fluctuations both followed a -5/3 power law; at higher frequencies, the spectral indices were -1 and -8/3, respectively. The dispersion relation was found to be consistent with fast-mode-whistler waves rather than kinetic Alfvén-ion cyclotron waves. Lower hybrid waves, which could be enhanced by whistler mode conversion, were observed, but the associated anomalous resistivity was not found to significantly modify the reconnection rate.

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