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Data-based modeling of the geomagnetosphere with an IMF-dependent magnetopause

Data-based modeling of the geomagnetosphere with an IMF-dependent magnetopause

Publication date: 23 January 2014

Authors: Tsyganenko, N. A.

Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
Volume: 119
Issue: 1
Page: 335-354
Year: 2014

Copyright: American Geophysical Union

The paper presents first results of the data-based modeling of the geomagnetospheric magnetic field, using the data of Polar, Geotail, Cluster, and Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms satellites, taken during the period 1995-2012 and covering 123 storm events with SYM-H > -200 nT. The most important innovations in the model are (1) taking into account the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)-dependent shape of the model magnetopause, (2) a physically more consistent global deformation of the equatorial current sheet due to the geodipole tilt, (3) symmetric and partial components of the ring current are calculated based on a realistic background magnetic field, instead of a purely dipolar field, used in earlier models, and (4) the validity region on the nightside is extended to ~ 40-50 RE. The model field is confined within a magnetopause, based on Lin et al. (2010) empirical model, driven by the dipole tilt angle, solar wind pressure, and IMF Bz. A noteworthy finding is a significant dependence of the magnetotail flux connection across the equatorial plane on the model magnetopause flaring rate, controlled by the southward component of the IMF.

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