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Solar-like oscillations in three main sequence stars

Solar-like oscillations in three main sequence stars

Date: 24 October 2008
Satellite: CoRoT
Depicts: Instrumental power spectral densities for HD49933, HD181420 and HD181906
Copyright: Michel, E. et al. [2008]

Fourier power spectral density derived from CoRoT light curves for the three main sequence F stars (A) HD49933, (B) HD181420, (C) HD181906.

For each plot the coloured curves are:

Black: instrumental power spectral density with a moving mean applied (4 μHz boxcar)
Yellow: same spectrum highly smoothed (4 times Δ boxcar)*
Green: mean level of the granulation + white noise components


mean white noise component level alone
Blue: stellar oscillation mean power density contribution alone. This is the highly smoothed contribution of the solar-like oscillations (spikes in black curve).

*Δ = the large frequency separation that is the first order regular frequency spacing in the oscillation spectrum

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