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Annual Call for Support to Nationally Led Projects

Annual Call for Support to Nationally Led Projects

22 August 2005

Dear Colleague,Following the SPC's endorsement of the recommendations in the Final Report of the Task Group on nationally led projects as outlined in ESA/SPC(2002)2 (attached) this is the next issue of the agreed annual calls for support to nationally led projects, including projects of non-Member States.

At the SPC meeting on 9 and 10 May 2005 it was decided to include also requests for support to nationally led projects from non-Member States. Such requests, however, will only be considered when submitted by an SPC Delegation prepared to take the lead.

The conditions and pre-requisites that must be met are given in chapter 3, while the content and type (categories a, b and c) of ESA’s involvement are described in chapter 4 of ESA/SPC(2002)2 and are not repeated here. Finally, Sec. 5.4 gives advice regarding the Proposal content.

This Call addresses the following elements:

  1. Requests for support in categories a and b EXCEEDING the marginal costs as defined by the Executive.
  2. Requests for support in category c.

The items to be addressed in the response to this Call are in the attached document.

The responses should be addressed, not later than 20 September 2005, to:

Dr Henk Olthof
P.O.Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

who is also available for clarification.

I wish to emphasise that this Call is NOT an announcement of opportunity to the wide scientific community, but a Call for ESA support to the SPC Delegations and that ONLY substantiated responses from the Delegations will be considered.

Yours sincerely,

David Southwood
Director of ESA’s Scientific Programme

Click here for ESA SPC(2002)2

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