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Double Star follows in the footsteps of ESA's ground-breaking Cluster mission by studying the effects of the Sun on the Earth's environment. Conducting joint studies with Cluster and Double Star increases the overall scientific return from both missions.



Laurels for Cluster-Double Star teams
4 October 2010The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) has decided to award The Laurels for Team Achievement Award to the Double Star/Cluster Team. The official ceremony took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 26 September, in the margin of the International Astronautical Congress.
Cluster & Double Star: 1000 publications
18 June 2009The Cluster and Double Star missions have reached the milestone of 1000 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. After almost nine years in space, the four Cluster spacecraft continue to produce new science and cross new regions of space.
Monitoring the impact of extreme solar events
29 April 2009Combined observations with the six spacecraft of the Cluster and Double Star missions have allowed scientists to monitor in detail the impact of extreme solar events on the Earth and the near-Earth environment.
The first Sino-European satellite completes its mission
16 October 2007After successfully completing its operational lifetime, including two mission extensions, the Double Star mission's TC-1 satellite has re-entered Earth's atmosphere nearly four years after its launch
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