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Time and space with Yellow House English

Time and space with Yellow House English

6 April 2006

Yellow House English specializes in English language learning through song for children from early years through to twelve years and provides language learning materials for use in the classroom and at home and for many of the world's best educational names.

The combination of song with identifiable characters, stories, activities and or themes captures the imagination and enthusiasm of young children. This enthusiasm together with Yellow House English methodology maximizes learning opportunities, language acquisition and vocabulary retention by this age group.

Yellow House English songs are sung in kindergartens, schools and homes in Europe  - including Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland - and around the world as far as China.

Yellow House English, the first to systematically build song and language learning together, offers another first - the language video pod!

The first language teaching video pod features discoveries of the Hubble Telescope set to song and music by Claire Selby.

Zenia, Claire and Helena Selby

"Teens now make decisions about their future careers early. We want to connect with young people in a format that they will listen to and enjoy,"

"The song is about space but also about relationships," says Claire Selby. "The lyrics are simple and we hope that teenagers across Europe will understand and enjoy the song."

This video-pod will be followed by a new range of multilingual space adventure stories for young children and English language video-pods for teenagers around the theme of space. The materials will be produced by Yellow House English.

Yellow House English, headed by Claire Selby has teamed with ESA Science to create language learning materials for the seventeen countries in the ESA alliance. The new exciting space themed Yellow House English materials will run in parallel to ESA's probe launch programme.

To view the video-pod, follow the link from the "Images and Videos" section on the right-hand side, or log on to Broadcast quality of the video-pod is available on request.

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