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Welcome to our Mysterious Neighbour

Welcome to our Mysterious Neighbour

9 August 2006

An invitation to teachers to a hands on workshop on 20 September at the European Planetary Science Congress 2006 in Berlin.

Venus Express

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express mission was successfully launched in November 2005 and has returned the most exciting data from Venus since the 1990 Magellan encounter.


Topics to be covered includes:

  • Introduction to the science objectives of the Venus Express mission, presented by members of the science team
  • Demonstration of mission data for classroom use
  • Ideas and exemplars for use across the curriculum

For more information click here to download the full details.

Teacher Resources

Venus Express Picture Pack

A selection of downloadable, classroom printable photo-images. Exciting, beautiful images with wow factor designed to support all curricula areas ang age groups.

Venus Express Brochure

Downloadable colour printable mission brochure.

3D Online Venus Express Orbits

Visit this site to see where Venus Express is in real time.

3D Online Engineering Model

Rotate, assemble and investigate the Spacecraft.

Project Pages

Visit the dedicated project pages for news and updates in the Venus Express Mission. Use this site for more video and image resources.

Cut Out And Build

Build your own Venus Express Spacecraft.

Education Support Web Pages

Visit these pages for other support material, videos, downloadable DVD's images, ideas and resources.

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