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Euclid VIS instrument

Euclid VIS instrument

The visible instrument (VIS) is composed of a matrix of 6×6 4096×4132 12-micron pixel CCDs (Charge Coupled Devices) provided by e2V, specially optimised for the Euclid mission. VIS will be equipped with one single very broad band filter covering the wavelength range from 550 nm to 900 nm, with a mean image resolution of about 0.23 arcsecond.


Instrument characteristics
Visual imager (VIS)
Field-of-view 0.787 deg × 0.709 deg
Capability Visual imaging
Wavelength range 550 - 900 nm
Sensitivity 25 mag
10σ extended source
Detector Technology 36 arrays
4k × 4k CCD
Pixel Size
Spectral resolution
0.1 arcsec
Last Update: 18 October 2019
25-Apr-2024 10:39 UT

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