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The EXOSAT database is hosted at the Research and Scientific Support Department at ESTEC. The pages can be accessed through the links in the right-hand side navigation, for which a short description is given here.

Summary of observations

Compilation of observations by EXOSAT in the years 1983 to 1986. For each observation the summary lists: 

  • target name
  • positions
  • start of observation
  • name of P.I.
  • time resolution in ms
  • local availability of FOTs

A click on the availability flags for the FOTs (Final Observation Tapes) regarding a specific observation will open a new page showing all FOTs which correspond to the same observation.

Query the EXOSAT database

The EXOSAT database contains two tables containing the most important information about any performed observation and the corresponding FOTs.

This interface enables you to submit a simple query by which you can search for FOTs matching the specified constraints.

All fields are used in a logical "and" conduction, i.e. if you specify a target name only, then all FOTs have to match only this target name, but if you specify a target name and a date range also, then the FOTs have to match the target name and the date range, too.

For the fields "Target Name" and "Instrument" wildcards like '*' and '?' are allowed (e.g., 'Et* Car?na'). All other fields simply accept numbers (with a optionally '-') only.

The pointing position are matching given co-ordinates exactly unless a radius (in arc minutes) for a cone search is specified also.

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