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HICoPS Executive Summary

HICoPS Executive Summary

Publication date: 27 October 2006

Authors: B. Bernhardt, et al.

Page: 1-7

Purpose of the HICoPS paper study, described in this summary, is a combination of a miniature rover and a set of miniaturised scientific experiments for planetary research. The instrumentation allows to analyse a planet with a broad spectrum of very efficient techniques. The rover Nanokhod, based on a proposal by Dr. Rudolf Rieder (MPCh Mainz) and vH&S, has undergone several evolutionary design steps in the past 10 years. This rover has the ability to carry a full set of miniaturised scientific instruments inside a levered rotationally mounted miniature compartment (Payload Cab). Prior to HICoPS, there were mainly two precursing studies: GIPF and MRP. The rover has been completely redesigned by vH&S within theMRP (Mercury Robotic Payload) study contract. GIPF (Geochemistry Intrument Package Facility) describes a full set of scientific instrumentation for remote geochemistry analysis in planetary research. GIPF and MRP developments have been performed in parallel, with the final integration in mind, which is now commenced by the HICoPS activity.

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