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The Nanokhod Rover project and the development of the GIPF (Geochemistry Instrument Package Facility) are activities which stand in a close liaison next to each other. Both activities concentrate on an optimized individual design and strategies to overcome specific technological hurdles. However, the next step of integration has to consider and merge all individual components.

The development of the Highly Integrated Communalised Payload Subsystem (HICoPS) is an important milestone for a resource optimised design of the GIPF payload suite and its integration into the Nanokhod rover.

Beyond a simple mechanical fit a tight integration requires the analysis of common resources in the electrical architecture which can be shared by all subunits. In addition the payload backend electronics has to be fully digitalised. This is a major step forward to the ultimate miniaturisation process.

This contract to study and develop a detailed electronics design proofs the concept that extremely integrated designs between various scientific payload elements (two different spectrometers and one camera) and a payload carrier (the Nanokhod rover) can be achieved.

In another program this design shall eventually turn into reality in order to test the robustness of such highly integrated systems.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Jan-2022 17:37 UT

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