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Gaia Symposium opens at Observatoire de Paris

Gaia Symposium opens at Observatoire de Paris

4 October 2004

More than 200 scientists from around the world gather today at the Observatoire de Paris for the opening of "The Three Dimensional Universe with Gaia"  - a Symposium dedicated to ESA's Gaia mission.

The purpose of the Symposium are:

  • to present to the scientific community the design chosen for the mission, the final characteristics and performances, and to update the resulting scientific case
  • to bring to the attention of the scientific community the extraordinary potential of Gaia and to share with the younger generation of scientists the expertise acquired during the preparation phases of the Gaia mission, and during all phases of the Hipparcos mission. Students and young researchers have been especially encouraged to participate
  • to organise the next phase of scientific preparation of the mission, in particular the data reduction which constitutes a major challenge with a petabyte of interconnected data which has to be treated in a global and iterative manner, and to prepare for the scientific exploitation of the data.

The Symposium is attended by scientists working on the preparation of Gaia and by members of the large scientific community interested in using the data from the mission.


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