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Gaia photometric system paper to appear in MNRAS

Gaia photometric system paper to appear in MNRAS

13 December 2005

"The design and performance of the Gaia photometric system" by Jordi et al, has been accepted for publication by the MNRAS. The paper presents the design and performance of the broad- and medium-band set of photometric filters adopted as the baseline for Gaia. The nineteen selected passbands (extending from the ultraviolet to the far-red), the criteria, and the methodology on which this choice has been based are discussed in detail. Photometric capabilities for characterizing the luminosity, temperature, gravity and chemical composition of stars are analysed. The automatic determination of these physical parameters for the large number of observations involved, for objects located throughout the entire Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, are discussed. Finally, the capability of the photometric system to deal with the main Gaia science case is outlined. The paper has been included in astro-ph as astro-ph/0512038.
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