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Joint DPACE and GST meeting, February 2015

Joint DPACE and GST meeting, February 2015

Date: 11 February 2015
Satellite: Gaia
Depicts: DPACE and GST members
Location: European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, the Netherlands
Copyright: ESA/W. O'Mullane

Members of the Gaia Science Team and the Data Processing and Analysis Consortium Executive met at the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands, 11-13 February 2015.

Front row (left to right):
Timo Prusti (ESA Gaia Project Scientist),
Coryn Bailer Jones (Manager CU8; Heidelberg, Germany),
Hassan Siddiqui (Manager CU1; ESA),
Caroline Soubiran (Gaia Science Team; Bordeaux, France),
Sofia Randich (Gaia Science Team; Arcetri, Italy),
Wil O'Mullane (Former Gaia Mission Manager (until 2015); ESA),
Antonella Vallenari (Deputy Chair of DPACE; Padova, Italy),
Veronique Valette (CNES),
Xavier Luri (Manager CU9; Barcelona, Spain).

Back row (left to right):
Nicholas Walton (Gaia Science Team; Cambridge, United Kingdom),
Anthony Brown (Chair of DPACE; Leiden, The Netherlands),
Laurent Eyer (Manager CU7; Geneva, Switzerland),
Uwe Lammers (Science Operations Manager; ESA),
François Mignard (Gaia Science Team; Nice, France),
Floor van Leeuwen (Manager CU5; Cambridge, United Kingdom),
Sebastian Els (ESA),
Dimitri Pourbaix (Manager CU4; Brussels, Belgium),
Paola Sartoretti (Manager CU6; Paris, France),
Carine Babusiaux (Manager CU2; Paris, France),
Lennart Lindegren (Gaia Science Team; Lund, Sweden),
Jos de Bruijne (Deputy Project Scientist & System Scientist; ESA),
David Milligan (Spacecraft Operations Manager; ESA),
Carme Jordi (Gaia Science Team; Barcelona, Spain),
Ulrich Bastian (Manager CU3 (until 2016); Heidelberg, Germany),
Sergei Klioner (Gaia Science Team; Dresden, Germany).

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