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Gaia follow-up network for solar system objects

Gaia follow-up network for solar system objects

Date: 23 January 2017
Satellite: Gaia
Depicts: Map of Gaia-FUN-SSO observing sites
Copyright: Google Earth

The Gaia Follow-Up Network for Solar System Objects (Gaia-FUN-SSO) coordinates ground-based observations of candidate asteroids that have been identified during Gaia data processing.

Among the celestial bodies that Gaia detects as it scans the sky are moving objects – these are Solar System bodies, some of which are candidate asteroids. When one has been identified, rapid ground-based observations are required to avoid the loss of these newly detected objects. The ground-based observations are used to fine-tune orbit details and to identify the objects – this information is fed back into the Gaia data processing.

The network is part of Coordination Unit 4 (Object processing) of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC).

Last Update: 1 September 2019
17-Jun-2024 07:46 UT

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