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Herschel Payload Module Test Campaign

Herschel Payload Module Test Campaign

17 August 2005

The next stage in the development of the Herschel mission, the testing of the payload module, has begun. Earlier this year the structural thermal model (STM) of the service module (SVM), which houses the electronics and infrastructure to keep the spacecraft flying, was extensively tested in the Large Solar Simulator at ESA's ESTEC facility. Now the payload module (PLM), which will eventually contain the focal plane instruments, mirror and cryogenic tank, has arrived at ESTEC to undergo similar testing, before the two elements are integrated for a full mechanical test later in the year.

The process started last week when the module, loaded into its transport container, was driven from the Astrium facility in Friedrichshafen, Germany, to ESA's ESTEC facility in Holland.

The Herschel Payload Module leaving Astrium on 9 August 2005

Arrival at ESTEC at around 03:00 16 August 2005

On arrival at ESTEC the 23 tonne cargo was unloaded and moved into Airlock 4. The first task is the setting up and cooling of the cryogenic tank.

Unloading at ESTEC

The cryostat unpacked and installed in the clean room

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