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Astrochemistry - From Laboratory Studies to Astronomical Observations

Astrochemistry - From Laboratory Studies to Astronomical Observations

Start date: 18 Dec 2005
Address: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Pacifichem 2005 - Symposium 47
This symposium focuses on the interdisciplinary field of astrochemistry, bringing together speakers from the fields of laboratory astrochemistry (dynamics, kinetics, and spectroscopy), astrochemical modeling (physicists), theoretical astrochemistry (computational chemists), and observational astrochemistry (astronomers). By focusing on the interplay between observational data, kinetic modeling, and fundamental investigations of the details of specific molecular processes, the symposium aims to evaluate the emerging generalized concepts on the formation of astrochemically important molecules on the molecular level. Furthermore, by exploring the current boundaries of astrochemical knowledge, new laboratory experiments under well-defined conditions (and recommend promising directions for further astronomical searches) can be designed more effectively to resolve critical unanswered aspects of molecular synthesis in extraterrestrial space on the molecular level.

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