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Second Round of Cryostat Testing in LSS

Second Round of Cryostat Testing in LSS

29 August 2006

The Herschel core cryostat is back at ESTEC for verification of its thermal and lifetime performance under close-to-space conditions. One year ago the Herschel Structural and Thermal Satellite was undergoing a rigorous test campaign in the ESTEC testing facilities, among other a thermal test in vacuum conditions.

Herschel arriving at ESTEC early morning on 29 August

The results from last year's test have enabled the engineers to tune the core cryostat design and manufacturing to optimise its lifetime performance. The objective of the upcoming test is to validate these refinements under close-to-space thermal conditions, which will be simulated inside the Large Space Simulator (LSS) chamber at ESTEC.

The test campaign of the core cryostat is expected to last until the end of the year.


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