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Herschel and Planck Meet for the First Time

Herschel and Planck Meet for the First Time

1 September 2006

The primary reflector for the Planck spacecraft flight model (FM), on its way back to Cannes after a test campaign in the ESTEC LSS test facility, meets for the first time the cryostat belonging to the Herschel spacecraft. The Herschel cryostat has just arrived at ESTEC for a test campaign that will also be performed in the LSS and will run over the next months.

Herschel cryostat and Planck telescope meet at ESTEC

The two elements will only meet again when both the Herschel FM and Planck FM spacecrafts will be in the ESTEC test facilities for a period of a few months, to undergo final checks and preparations, after which they will be shipped to French Guiana for a combined launch on an Ariane 5 launcher.

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