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Herschel Cryostat in Large Space Simulator

Herschel Cryostat in Large Space Simulator

22 January 2007

The Herschel cryostat was moved into the Large Space Simulator at ESTEC on Sunday, 21 January, in preparation for a three week test during which the cryostat will be exposed to vacuum and temperature conditions approaching those that it will be exposed to once Herschel is launched.

Preparing the Herschel cryostat for moving to the Large Space Simulator on the other end of the cleanroom

The purpose of the test is primarily to verify that repairs identified during a previous campaign have been correctly implemented and to demonstrate that the scientific observation period required for Herschel can be achieved.

Moving the Herschel cryostat to the LSS

The cryostat inside the LSS

The EADS Astrium team

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