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L 1157: lighting up the outflow shocks

L 1157: lighting up the outflow shocks

Date: 20 December 2009
Satellite: Herschel
Depicts: Herschel PACS spectrum of L 1157
Copyright: ESA and the PACS consortia, E.F. van Dishoeck for the Herschel WISH Key Programme consortium.

PACS image of water toward the young solar analog L 1157, lighting up the two-sided outflow of gas. The water molecule is a particularly sensitive probe of where a young star deposits energy into its surroundings. Its signatures are strongly detected and imaged by PACS along the two-sided outflow lobes of an analog of the young Sun, L 1157. The water emission shows up most strongly in "hot spots" due to strong shocks symmetrically displaced from the young star. This observation was made during the Herschel Science Demonstration Phase. The scientific rights of these data are owned by the Key Program consortium "Water in Star Forming Regions" (WISH) led by E.F. van Dishoeck. (To learn more about WISH see the link in the right-hand menu). The L 1157 study is led by B. Nisini.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
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