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The labyrinth of star formation

The labyrinth of star formation

Start date: 19 Jun 2012
Address: Orthodox Academy of Crete, GR-73006 Kolympari, Chania-Crete, Greece

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Theoretical and observational studies over the last decade have given a new impetus in our understanding of star and planet formation. New powerful ground-based and space telescopes are currently unveiling the secrets of young stars from their earliest stages of formation until planets form around them. At the same time old theories are tested, new ideas are born, and new theories are emerging. Thus, instead of being on the top of a mountain admiring the 'star formation view', we are still in a labyrinth looking for answers. This meeting will honour the contributions to star formation of Prof. Anthony Whitworth (Cardiff University, UK), and offer the opportunity to celebrate his 66th birthday. The program will be designed so as to reflect his past and current interests and it will include both invited and contributed talks. In the spirit of ancient Greek symposia it would be full of science, but also fun and story-telling.

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