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Astro-E Announcement of Opportunity for European astronomers

Astro-E Announcement of Opportunity for European astronomers

15 July 1999

Following an invitation to ESA by the Institute of Space and AstronauticalScience (ISAS),the First European Announcement of Opportunity (EAO-1B) for participation in theAstro-E observing programme opened on 15 July 1999.This EAO covers a nine-month period commencing aroundAugust 2000. The proposal deadline is 17 September 1999.Approximately 5.5% of the total observing time will be allocated to proposalswith Principal Investigators from ESA Member States for collaborativeinvestigations with Japanese astronomers.

Astro-E is the fifth in the series of Japanese astronomy satellites devoted to observations of celestial X-ray sources. Astro-E is a joint Japanese-US mission and its launch is planned for February 2000. The broad bandpass of Astro-E, combined with high resolution spectroscopy capabilities, makes it a unique tool to study many problems in astrophysics, such as the origins of elements and structures in the Universe as well as the evolution of these structures.

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