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ASCA AO-8 announced

ASCA AO-8 announced

29 September 1999

The 8th Announcement of Opportunity (AO-8) for participation in theASCA (formerly Astro-D) observing program has been announced. This differs fromprevious ASCA AOs in thatit covers the final months in orbit with a more limited capability. Thisis because once Astro-E is launched (currently January 2000), the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) will nothave the manpower to continue ASCA operations at current levels.European observers may participate by submitting proposalsdirectly to the Japanese time allocation. The closing date is 12 October 1999.

More details on this Announcement of Opportunity and where to submit proposals can be found on the Astrophysics web server at:

ASCA (formerly named Astro-D) is Japan's fourth cosmic X-ray astronomy mission. The satellite was launched on 20 February 1993.

Astro-E is the fifth in the series of Japanese astronomy satellites devoted to observations of celestial X-ray sources. Astro-E is a joint Japanese-US mission and its launch is planned for February 2000.

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