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2nd Phoebus workshop

2nd Phoebus workshop

25 October 1998

From 26-30 November 1998 a dozen scientists from the helioseismologycommunity will get together for the 2nd Phoebus workshop. The aim of the workshop is to tryto detect solar gravity modes which, so far, have not been detected by any helioseismology.instrumentation either on-board SOHO or from the ground. Thesegravity modes (or g modes) contain a lot of information on the solar core where thethermonuclear reactions take place. The solar core is the last part of the Sunwhich is not yet 'seen' by helioseismology.

The group of scientists is commonly known as the Phoebus group. The name 'Phoebus' was given because in some mythologies, it is the god of light or of the Sun. The name was also inspired by Gaston Phoebus, Count of Foix-B'earn, who wrote in the 15th century 'The Book of the Hunt'- inspiration for us in finding solar gravity modes!

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