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At Le Bourget: cosmic X-rays, martian water and the Earth's windscreen

At Le Bourget: cosmic X-rays, martian water and the Earth's windscreen

12 June 1999

From vast explosions far away in the Universe to shocks in the Earth'svicinity, the breathtaking scope of ESA's science programme will beevident to visitors at this year's Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, 13-20 June.

During the next twelve months, ESA will dispatch five scientific satellites into space. While the great XMM spacecraft begins a new era in X-ray astronomy, the four satellites of the Cluster II mission will follow it into orbit, to revolutionize the study of the Earth's space environment. These missions are featured in ESA's science show at Le Bourget, together with the newly approved Mars Express spacecraft which, in four years' time, will set off for the most thorough exploration of the Red Planet.

Presented to the visitors with models and panels, the selected missions represent three major themes of ESA's science programme: the Exotic Universe, the Solar System, and the Sun-Earth links. They illustrate ESA's commitment to world-class space science that tackles the deepest questions in research as well as practical issues about the welfare of our home in space, the Earth itself.

The Paris Air Show (Salon du Bourget) takes place at Le Bourget on the northern side of Paris. It is open to trade visitors 13-20 June, and to the general public on 13, 19 and 20 June, 9h30 to 18h00.

>> XMM and the Exotic Universe

>> Mars Express and the Solar System

>> Cluster II and the Sun-Earth links

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