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SPC delegates meet again in Naples

SPC delegates meet again in Naples

23 September 1999

Hosted in the historical building of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (Naples, Italy), ESA's Science Programme Committee met (22 and 23 September) for the second time since the key Brussels Ministerial meeting in May. The City of Naples gave a warm welcome to this group of eminent scientists not only from Europe but also from the United States, Russia and Japan.

This gathering, convened to prepare for the next official SPC meeting in November, was particularly significant for the future of space science, in the wake of the ESA Council meeting at Ministerial Level in Brussels in May 1999 at which the future funding for space science research was established.

The SPC focused on two main themes:

  1. The priorities within the European scientific space research programme for the coming years
  2. The international collaboration between European countries as well as between Europe and other countries active in the space field.
The meeting was very fruitful, resulting in a first draft plan - covering a period of 15 years - to orient future European space programmes and to allocate funding.

The City of Naples played its part, contributing a wonderful setting of sun and culture for the prestigious participants.

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