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The next flexi-missions for ESA Science - key briefing on 28 October

The next flexi-missions for ESA Science - key briefing on 28 October

18 October 1999

ESA's Director of Science has invited proposals for the next flexi-missions of the ESA Science Programme. The briefing for the F2/F3 proposers takes place on 28 October 1999 at ESTEC, in the Copernicus conference room, from 10:00 to 13:00 hours.Each proposer can beaccompanied by a maximum of two co-proposers.

Scientists interested in submitting a proposal should send a Letter of Intent to the Executive by 22 October. For further details on how to submit a Proposal, see the 'Call for Proposals' page.

Flexi-missions were introduced into the Horizons 2000 implementation concept in 1997 with the purpose of increasing the flexibility of the programme, basically by splitting each Medium size mission (M-missions) of Horizons 2000 into two Flexi-missions (F-missions). This new concept as well as other contingent reasons make the present call quite different from the M-mission calls which have been previously issued by the Science Directorate of ESA, the last one being the M3 call of 26 November 1992, which eventually resulted in the selection of the COBRAS/SAMBA (Planck) mission.

To guarantee balance, continuity and flexibility, the Director of the ESA Scientific Programme invites proposals for missions to be included into the new planning cycle, with the eventual objective of selecting at least two F-missions, for a maximum cost of 176 MEURO each, at 1999 economic conditions.

The launch(es) are possible in the 2007-2009 timeframe. The earliest launch date might be brought forward if particularly cheap/simple missions are selected and/or more favourable financial scenarios mature for the Science Programme.

Proposers are invited to submit short (1-2 pages) letters of intent to the Executive by 22 October 1999.

Full details on how to submit a proposal are given (see links box), and are also available in two downloadable formats (PDF and MS Word).

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