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Upcoming Events

24 December 2004

On Christmas Day, 25 December 2004, the Huygens spacecraft will begin the final part of its journey to Titan when it is jettisoned by the Cassini spacecraft. For updates on this event please visit the ESA Cassini-Huygens website

The SciTech webteam would like to draw your attention to the following mission related events that are due to take place in 2005:


Huygens descent in Titan's atmosphere on 14 January 2005


Tour of Saturnian system:

Iapetus 1 January 2005
Titan 14 January 2005
Titan 15 February 2005
Enceladus 17 February 2005
Enceladus 9 March 2005
Titan 31 March 2005
Titan 16 April 2005
Enceladus 14 July 2005
Mimas 2 August 2005
Titan 22 August 2005
Titan 7 September 2005
Tethys 24 September 2005
Hyperion 26 September 2005
Dione 11 October 2005
Titan 28 October 2005
Rhea 26 November 2005
Titan 26 December 2005


Injection into lunar science orbit on 13 Janunary 2005

Start of lunar science operations in February 2005

Mars Express

The first Mars Express science conference will be held on 21-25 February 2005


First Earth flyby in March 2005

Venus Express

Launch window October-November 2005

Alongside these events there will be the ongoing return of scientific results from the other missions within the agency, the construction of the Herschel and Planck spacecraft and the ongoing process of defining the Cosmic Vision Programme for 2015-2025.

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