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Sun Solar System Astrophysics Fundamental Physics


[2023] JUICE
[2024] SMILE
[2029] Comet Interceptor
[2023] Euclid
[2026] PLATO
[2029] ARIEL
[2035] ATHENA
[2037] LISA

Operations / Post-Operations

[2020] Solar Orbiter
[2009] PROBA2
[1995] SOHO
[2018] BepiColombo
[2016] ExoMars TGO & Schiaparelli
[2004] Rosetta
[2003] Mars Express
[2003] Double Star
[2000] Cluster
[2019] CHEOPS
[2013] Gaia
[2021] JWST
[1999] XMM-Newton
[1990] Hubble


[1990] Ulysses
[2005] Venus Express
[2003] SMART-1
[1997] Cassini-Huygens
[1985] Giotto
[2009] Planck
[2009] Herschel
[1995] ISO
[1989] Hipparcos
[1983] EXOSAT
[1978] IUE
[1975] Cos-B
[2015] LISA Pathfinder
Dates refer to launch; for future missions, the foreseen launch date is indicated.


Missions in the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Programme
L1 mission JUICE
L2 mission Athena
L3 mission LISA
M1 mission Solar Orbiter
M2 mission Euclid
M3 mission PLATO
M4 mission Ariel
M5 mission EnVision
S1 mission CHEOPS
Collaborative mission with China SMILE


Former Candidate Missions in the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Programme
Cross-Scale, EChO, EJSM-Laplace, IXO, LISA, LOFT, Marco Polo, MarcoPolo-R, NGO, SPICA (M1/M2), SPICA (M5), STE-QUEST, TandEM/TSSM, THESEUS, THOR, XIPE


Missions of Opportunity and Collaborative Missions
ACES, Akari, Chandrayaan-1, Chang'E 1, CoRoT, Einstein Probe, Hinode, Hitomi, IRIS, Microscope, MMX, Phobos-Soil (Phobos-Grunt), Suzaku, XRISM


Last Update: 18 July 2022
14-Jul-2024 20:22 UT

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