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ESA SP-1180: Horizon 2000 Plus

ESA SP-1180: Horizon 2000 Plus

Publication date: 02 July 1995

Journal: ESA Special Publication
Volume: ESA SP-1180
Page: 1-128
Year: 1995

Copyright: ESA

Editor: Bruce Battrick

This report presents the proposed update of ESA's long-term programme in Space Science, known as 'Horizon 2000 Plus'. It covers the period 1995-2016 and represents the forward roll-over of the twenty-year Horizon 2000 programme developed in 1984 and due to terminate in 2006.


  • Foreword – R.-M. Bonnet, Director of the ESA Science Programme
  • Introduction – L. Woltjer, Chairman of the Survey Committee
  • Why Space Science
  • I. Coherence, Balance and Continuity with Horizon 2000
  • II. The Pillars of Horizon 2000 Plus
  • III. Horizon 2000 Plus in Outline
  • IV. Relationship with Other Programmes
  • V. Financial Aspects and Schedule
  • VI. Summary of Recommendations
  • VII. Topical Team Reports
  • Annex 1. Responses to the Call for Mission Concepts for Horizon 2000 Plus
  • Annex 2. Contributors

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