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Distant Infrared Galaxies

Distant Infrared Galaxies

Date: 07 April 1998
Satellite: ISO
Depicts: Distant Galaxies
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Left Image

ISOCAM 7 microns (green rings) and 15 microns (yellow contours) superimposed on HST image.

Visible Light: NASA/ESA/HST and R.Williams and HDF Team (STSCI)
Infrared: ESA/ISO/ISOCAM, CEA Saclay and H Aussel e t al.

Right Image

ISOCAM 15 microns. Arrowed is a galaxy not yet seen by visible light.

ESA/ISO/ISOCAM and M. Rowan-Robinson (ICSTM London) et al.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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