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JWST's NIRSpec kinematic mounts

JWST's NIRSpec kinematic mounts

Date: 04 December 2012
Satellite: JWST
Depicts: NIRSpec kinematic mount
Copyright: EADS Astrium

This photo shows a close-up view of one of the three kinematic mounts, which are the "feet" of JWST's Near InfraRed Spectrograph (NIRSpec). They will attach to the integrated science instrument module (ISIM) structure of the JWST payload module. These feet have some flexibility, and ensure NIRSpec remains correctly aligned with the telescope, while still allowing for small movements resulting from the cool down and gravity release. The feet also support the 200kg instrument during the vibration of the launch.

In this photo, the upper part of the mount, with the 4 bolts is attached to the NIRSpec optical bench - its main structure. The bottom part, a bipod, is attached to a test fixture mimicking the ISIM structure.

The silver coloured foil-type multilayer insulation with the goldish tape is NIRSpec's protective cover. This will fly in space. The greyish multilayer insulation is a temporary wrap used to keep NIRSpec clean.  This type of temporary insulation is used wherever possible, to keep the instrument as clean as possible.

NIRSpec is developed by ESA with EADS Astrium Germany GmbH as the prime contractor.

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