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JWST OTIS set for testing in space simulation chamber

JWST OTIS set for testing in space simulation chamber

Date: 25 May 2017
Satellite: JWST
Depicts: OTIS
Location: NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
Copyright: NASA/Desiree Stover

The combined Optical Telescope element / Integrated Science instrument module (OTIS) of the James Webb Space Telescope sits in front of the door to Chamber A, a giant thermal vacuum chamber located at NASA's Johnson Space Center. The OTIS will soon be moved into the chamber, where it will spend a hot Houston summer undergoing tests at sub-freezing cryogenic temperatures. The telescope will operate at an extremely cold 39 K (-234 °C) in space, so during the tests those conditions are simulated on the ground, ensuring the optics and instruments will perform perfectly after launch.

The James Webb Space Telescope is the scientific successor to the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. It will be the most powerful space telescope ever built. JWST is an international project led by NASA with its partners, ESA and the Canadian Space Agency.

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