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Outreach resources

Outreach resources

This page collates a number of outreach resources for LISA Pathfinder

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Launch-related material
LISA Pathfinder mission brochure and ESA Bulletin article
Social media: twitter
ESA image & video archive
Videos from the LISA community
ESA Euronews and ESA TV
Other websites

Launch-related material

Video footage of launch.

Launch replay - extended, with commentary.

ESA media kit for LISA Pathfinder.

Arianespace press kit for launch.

Schedule for launch event on 2 December 2015, including details of live streaming.
Update 2 December: The launch of LISA Pathfinder has been postponed to 3 December. Updated launch schedule and live streaming details.


LISA Pathfinder mission brochure and ESA Bulletin article


LISA Pathfinder
First steps to observing gravitational waves from space

Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity predicted the existence of ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, but so far no experiment has been able to detect them directly. Space offers many advantages in this search, and ESA's LISA Pathfinder mission is a technology demonstrator that will pave the way for future spaceborne gravitational-wave observatories by testing the necessary instrumentation for the first time in that environment. This ESA Brochure (BR-323) serves as an introduction to the LISA Pathfinder mission.



Seeing the Universe through gravitational waves.
(From ESA Bulletin 162)
ESA's LISA Pathfinder will help to open up a completely new observational window into the 'gravitational Universe', proving new technologies needed to measure gravitational waves in space. This article explains how.



Social media: twitter

Follow LISA Pathfinder on twitter at @ESA_LPF



Download LISA Pathfinder posters: portrait, landscape, square.

Illustrations: images & videos

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Construction & testing >
Photographs & videos

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Launch & operations >
Illustrations & animations

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Videos from the LISA community

Gravity Ink - Einstein's Gravity (Episode 1) [on YouTube]
Gravity Ink - The Future of Astronomy (Episode 2) [on YouTube]
Gravity Ink - The Gravitational Universe (Episode 3) [on YouTube]
The path to LISA - The Beating Heart [on YouTube]

ESA Euronews and ESA TV

ESA Euronews: The quest to capture gravitational waves - published 17 July 2015
ESA TV: LISA Pathfinder mission overview - published 12 November 2015
ESA TV: LISA Pathfinder mission - published 4 August 2015

Other websites - a website from the eLISA Consortium
eLISA website - a website from the eLISA Consortium


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