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These pages list answers to questions received in response to the Announcement of Opportunity (AO), released on 24 September 2012, for the provision of scientific payload including SGS elements for the four M3 candidate missions: EChO, LOFT, MarcoPolo-R and STE-QUEST.

Below are the questions that apply specifically to LOFT. The questions of general relevance that apply to all four M3 candidate missions and the additional questions specific to the other three candidate missions can be accessed through the following links, or from the right hand menu.

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18 Oct 2012 -  Documents required by end of Phase A
Q: The list of documents to be produced by the end of the Phase A study appears quite long, implying a very significant and unexpected investment by the teams, maybe somewhat oversized with respect to an Assessment Phase (e.g. table in 10.6.1 of the EID-A). Can we review the document package once the instrument consortium is selected?

The list of required documents in the EID-A is standard for the end of the Assessment Phase (Instrument Preliminary Requirements Review - IPRR). In the case of the LOFT consortium, the instrument documentation is already well advanced – the step from the current documentation status (Mid Term Review) to the list of documentation required for the end of the Assessment Phase is not considered unduly large, given that there is still a nine-month period until the delivery of the updated documentation package (July 2013).

Furthermore much of the DRD (Document Requirements Description) list is already at least partially represented by existing LOFT consortium documentation, and several of the specified parts of the AO-proposal (see p. 14 of AO letter) can also be considered preliminary versions of several DRD documents. See the following table which matches existing LOFT consortium documentation (LOFT Consortium Website -, and required AO proposal documentation (AO letter, section 5), to the DRL.

DRD ID Title Provider (0/A)
Current documentation
(as available on LOFT consortium website)
PM-01 Instrument Development Plan (DP) PI X
LOFT_LAD_DDV, AO proposal Part II
PM-02 Management Plan PI X
AO proposal Part IV
PM-03 Preliminary Long Lead Item List (LLIL) PI X
Identification of LLI in Part II(3) of proposal (Payload Development Plan)
PM-04 Preliminary SW Development Plan PI X
PM-05 Configuration Management Plan (CMP) PI  
Not required for IPRR
PM-06 Statement of Compliance (SoC) PI X
PM-07 Instrument risk management Plan PI X
Preliminary risk analysis required as part of AO proposal
N/A Experiment Interface Document Part A (EID-A) ESA X
SE-01 Experiment Interface Document Part B (EID-B) PI X
Mandatory as part of AO proposal
SE-03 Instrument Technology Development Plan PI X
SE-04 Preliminary Instrument Calibration Plan PI X
LOFT_WFM_CAL, LOFT_WFM_RelCal, Part II(3) of AO proposal
SE-05 Instrument AIV/AIT Plan PI X
SE-07 Instrument Requirements Specification (S/S level) PI X
SE-09 Technical budget Report PI X
Contained within PDD, also LOFT_LAD_AEB; LOFT_LAD_TMT
SE-13 Preliminary Software Requirements Document (SRD) PI X
SE-15 Compliance, Traceability, and Verification Matrix PI X
SE-17 Trade-offs report PI X
Various System Notes detailing design T/Os (e.g. LOFT_WFM_MaMa, LOFT_WFM_MaOpFr, LOFT_LAD_CLLcons, LOFT_LAD_CLLtradeoff…)
SE-18 Instrument Performance Analysis Report PI X
Elements in PDD, also various System Notes (e.g. LOFT_LAD_BkgCalc…)
SE-19 Instrument operation concept PI X
GS definition and operations already addressed in LOFT_SysN_GS, Operational constraints at SC-level to come from industrial studies
SE-120 Instrument Radiation Effect Modelling report PI X
SE-122 Instrument Science Implementation Plan (SIP) PI draft
Product Assurance Documentation
PA-00 Preliminary Product Assurance Plan PI X
PA-08.02 Contamination Analysis Report PI X
Mathematical models
MA-01 Preliminary SMM PI X
MA-02 Preliminary Radiation model PI X
Already exists as basis of LOFT_SysN_NIEL
MA-03 Preliminary GMM and TMM PI X
Already exist for both payloads – regularly passed to industrial teams
MA-05 Preliminary Optical model PI X
18 Oct 2012 -  Delivery dates for models
Q: Regarding the payload development plan that we are asked to provide, it is unclear which deliverables are required and when. The schedule margin required is not specified for some items. As an example, the delivery date for the PFM is now specified as Nov 2019. This seems quite early for a 2022 launch (at the earliest), and very different to what was previously indicated (e.g., CDF). Is that confirmed and which is the corresponding schedule flexibility?
A: The dates for deliverable models and deadlines given in R-9460 are all TBC. A clarification is provided in the general section of Questions and Answer.
18 Oct 2012 -  Mission schedule discrepancy between the AO and EID-A document
Q: Regarding the timeline of the missions, we noticed some discrepancies. As an example, phases B2, SRR, PDR seem to have different starting dates comparing table 1 in the AO and the inputs in the EID-A. Can you clarify the correct schedule?
A: The schedule in the AO-document takes precedence; the schedule in the EID-A will be corrected in the next issue.
18 Oct 2012 -  TRL5 achievement date
Q: ESA indicates that TRL5 should preferably already be achieved at the PRR. Although it is obvious that an early achievement of this TRL level is desirable we were under the assumption that such level needs only to be demonstrated at the end of the definition phase. Can you please clarify?
A: TRL 5 is necessary by SRR – the statement is made in the AO-document that TRL 5 by PRR is preferable, but necessary by SRR (p.18, AO document).


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