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European Mars Science & Exploration Conference

European Mars Science & Exploration Conference

Start date: 13 Nov 2007
Organiser: ESA

The conference was organized into morning and afternoon oral sessions configured around topical themes, and supporting evening poster sessions.

The sessions covered the following areas of interest:

  • Mars interior and subsurface structure
  • Surface morphology, geology and mineralogy
  • Atmospheric composition, dynamics and climate
  • Ionospheric interaction with space environment
  • Orbital and in-situ experiments for ExoMars
  • Astrobiology and search for remnants of life

A detailed programme is linked from the right-hand side. 

More info:

The European Mars Science and Exploration Conference (EMSEC): Mars Express and ExoMars was held at ESA's Technology Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands, on 12-16 November 2007. By then Mars Express had completed its first extended mission after almost four years in orbit around the Red Planet. This was an appropriate time to reflect on the many discoveries of Mars Express in all fields, from the Martian interior and subsurface structure to its surface morphology, geology and mineralogy, its atmospheric composition, dynamics and climate, and its interaction with the space environment.

Special Publication
A Special Issue of Planetary and Space Science with selected papers from this conference has been published in July 2009. It is available on-line at the journal's web pages through the direct link below:
Planetary and Space Science, Volume 57, Issues 8-9, Pages 893-1096

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