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Mars Express Status Report - November 2007

Mars Express Status Report - November 2007

The 2007 eclipse season ended on 31 August; preparations for the 2008 eclipse seasons, with long eclipses during aphelion, started in October. The Phoenix EDL (Entry-Descent-Landing) support will take place during the 2008 eclipse season. In preparation for this Phoenix support a number of tests were performed between Melacom (Mars Express communications system for Beagle-2) and the MER rovers. These included interference tests between Melacom and ASPERA/MARSIS.

A small, but significant, increase in the OMEGA cooling time has been detected. On request from the OMEGA PI a number of observations were cancelled to allow for a proper investigation of the anomaly. It should be noted that the OMEGA cryo-cooler has already greatly exceeded its anticipated lifetime. The anomaly is being investigated, and OMEGA observations continue as planned.

The status of data delivery by the various PI Teams to the Planetary Science Archive (PSA) has improved; however, the science data archive for the nominal mission is still not complete.

On 23 November, Mars Express will perform orbit #5000 around Mars.

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