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Mars Advanced School: programme

Mars Advanced School: programme

Programme for the Mars Advanced School Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China 20-24 July 2009
Day 1: Monday 20 July 2009
Morning Overview of ESA's Science Missions
MEX and the Exploration Programme
Afternoon Introduction to PDS & ESA Data Archive (AR & OW)
Evening The Chinese Firefly Mission (YH-1) to Mars
Exercises and Practice
Day 2: Tuesday 21 July 2009
Morning Mars Geology: endogenic processes
Mars Geology: exogenic processes
Afternoon MEX Data Utilization (1): Surface Imaging & Composition (AR)
Evening Preparations for Watching the Eclipse
Exercises and Practice
Day 3: Wednesday 22 July 2009
Morning Total solar eclipse observations: 08:15 until 11:00 (Totality: 09:36—09:42)
Mars Interior: Structure and Activity

Afternoon Mars Geodesy and Rotation
MEX Data Utilization (2): Subsurface Sounding & Gravity
(AR & VD)
Evening Monitoring of the MEX Spacecraft with China VLBI Network
Exercises and Practice
Day 4: Thursday 23 July 2009
Morning Mars Atmosphere & Climate
Mars Ionosphere & Plasma Environment
Afternoon MEX Data Utilization (3): Atmosphere & Ionosphere (OW)
Evening The Effect of Solar Wind on Mars
Exercises and Practice
Day 5: Friday 24 July 2009
Morning Comparison of the Terrestrial Planets
Impact Cratering in the Solar System
Afternoon Instrumentation: Orbiters, Landers & Rovers (OW, AR & VD)
Evening Structure of Mars Polar Ice Cap
Exercises and Practice (and Goodbye Session)

Teaching staff

AC (Agustin Chicarro, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
AR (Angelo Rossi, ISSI, Switzerland)
JJ (Jeng-Jong Jian, National Museum of Natural History, Taiwan)
JW (Ji Wu, Center for Space Science and Applied Research, CAS)
OW (Olivier Witasse, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
VD (Veronique Dehant, ROB, Belgium)
WI (Wing-Huen Ip, Graduate Institute of Astronomy, NCU, Taiwan)
XH (Xiaogong Hu, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS)


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