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A new topographical image atlas of Phobos

A new topographical image atlas of Phobos

Publication date: 02 November 2009

Authors: Wählisch, M. et al.

Journal: Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Year: 2009

Copyright: Elsevier Inc.

Phobos flyby images obtained by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) and the Super Resolution Channel (SRC) onboard the Mars Express spacecraft were used to produce a global Digital Terrain Model and orthoimage mosaics. We derived a set of Phobos topographic image maps, which are combined into an atlas that consists of four quadrangles on three map sheets at the scale of 1: 50,000. The lateral geometric accuracy of these maps of ± 20 m is more than four times better than that of past products. They are based on a shape model with 0.52° × 0.52° grid spacing and show significantly more detail in comparison to previous data products.

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