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Mars Science Workshop "From Mars Express to ExoMars"

Mars Science Workshop "From Mars Express to ExoMars"

Start date: 27 Feb 2018
Address: ESAC, Madrid, Spain

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This workshop aims to gather the Mars international science community to summarize the recent progress in a great variety of research topics, with a global and synergistic vision of Mars, its processes and couplings:

  • Interior-Surface-Atmosphere exchanges of thermal fluxes and trace species
  • Martian surface's intrinsic reflectivity, spectral properties, topography effects
  • Global water cycle (vapour & ice) and the role of water ice clouds
  • Atmospheric dust, particles distribution & properties, dust storms and variability
  • Photochemistry, atmospheric stability, trace species across the Terminator
  • Upper atmosphere composition, wave propagation, airglow emissions, escape to space
  • Delivering of Mars data products and modeling results to scientific archives

Last Update: 6 November 2019
24-Jul-2024 23:52 UT

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