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Reference: LISA-EST-RP-1018

L1 Mission Reformulation, NGO

This report summarises the findings of the ESA review on the reformulation of LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (L class mission candidate of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme), into the new mission concept named NGO (New Gravitational wave Observer).

The review, completed at the end of the reformulation exercise, establishes the overall feasibility and credibility of the L1 mission candidate reformulated concept - for both platform and payload - for a launch in 2022, and an ESA cost at completion of 850 MEuro (e.c. 2010).

Published: 28 February 2012

Reference: ESA/SRE(2011)19

The NGO (New Gravitational wave Observatory) concept results from the reformulation of the LISA mission into a European-led mission.

This report, the so-called Yellow Book, contains the results of ESA's assessment study (Phase 0/A) of the candidate L-class Cosmic Vision mission NGO.

Published: 13 January 2012
22-Jul-2024 04:38 UT

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