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Test Preparations for Planck FM Telescope

Test Preparations for Planck FM Telescope

Date: 22 May 2006
Satellite: Planck
Depicts: Rear view of the Planck Flight Model (FM) telescope
Location: Alcatel Alenia Space, Cannes
Copyright: Alcatel Alenia Space

The Planck telescope will be tested soon at low temperature (100-110K) in the Large Space Simulator test facility at ESTEC.  The objective of this test is to measure the deformations of the fully integrated Planck FM telescope at low temperatures with video-grammetry.

The Planck telescope is the black coloured frame with two upper struts supporting a panel (the Primary Reflector Panel).  The reflectors are not yet integrated.

The telescope frame is supported by struts (the Cryo-Structure struts).  At the bottom of these struts, a horizontal panel is added for thermally decoupling the conical structure (silver coloured) from the rest of the structure.  The cone will be at room temperature during the test.

The small light reflecting surfaces are the video-grammetry targets.


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