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Planck Presentations

Planck Presentations

The presentations below have been prepared by key scientists involved with the Planck mission as well as the Herschel mission. The first three presentations provide an introduction to and overview of the two missions, while the last four detail the two instruments on-board Planck and the science that can be done with them.

All presentations were made in early 2009.

Planck and Herschel missions

ESA's new astronomy missions: Herschel & Planck
M. Kessler
PDF 2.7 Mb
Orbiting L2
M. Hechler
PDF 0.6 Mb
Herschel and Planck: technology at the edge of feasibility
G. Crone
PDF 4.3 Mb

Planck science and instruments

Planck: understanding the Big Bang
G. Efstathiou
PDF 2.8 Mb
Planck High Frequency Instrument
J.-L. Puget
PDF 0.3 Mb
Planck LFI: mapping first light in the universe
M. Bersanelli
PDF 0.2 Mb
The Planck Reflector Programme
H.U. Norgaard-Nielsen
PDF 0.7 Mb

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