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STE Assessment Study - Internal Final Presentation

STE Assessment Study - Internal Final Presentation

Publication date: 17 July 2010

Authors: STE/CDF Team

Copyright: ESA

The assessment study of a Space-Time Explorer (STE) mission has been performed at ESA's Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) and ran from 15 June to 16 July 2010. The internal final presentation has been prepared by the STE/CDF team and summarizes the outcome of the STE assessment study. This presentation can be downloaded below as a PDF (link to publication). Contents of presentation:

- Introduction
- Background
- Mission analysis
- Systems
- Payload
- Optical Link
- Communication
- Power subsystems
- Mechanisms
- Propulsion
- Ground Segment and Operations
- Radiation
- Data Handling System
- Programmatics / AIV
- Risk
- Thermal
- Structures
- Configuration
- Conclusions
A summary of the STE mission concept and science goals is on the "Space-Time Explorer (STE)" page, linked form the right-hand menu.

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