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SMART-1 Launch Phase

SMART-1 Launch Phase

On 15 July 2003, the cargo plane carrying SMART-1 with its flight container arrived at the Cayenne airport in French Guyana. This marked the start of the SMART-1 launch campaign. The below overview lists key events of the mission during the last months up to launch.

15 July 2003 - Start of Launch Campaign in Kourou

After its arrival at Cayenne airport, SMART-1 was transferred by truck to Kourou, where the spacecraft was removed from its transport container. An initial inspection was carried out to verify SMART-1's condition after transport.

Journal: Launch Campaign Gets Underway

Arrival at Cayenne

Unloading SMART-1

Spacecraft checks

August 2003 - Simulation Runs of Flight Operations

Journal: Simulation runs at Flight Operations Centre, ESOC Darmstadt

13 August 2003 - Launch on Hold 

The initial launch date of 28 August 2003, 23:04 UT, was pushed back to allow necessary verification checks on one of the two commercial satellites that were also scheduled to be launched on the same flight as SMART-1.

News: SMART-1 Launch Delayed

19 August 2003 - Second Launch Delay

News: SMART-1 Launch Put Back

17 September 2003 - SMART-1 Mated with Launcher

Journal: SMART-1 mated with launcher

SMART-1 hoisted up

Fixing to Launcher

On top of Launcher

19 September 2003 - New Launch Date Confirmed

News: SMART-1 Launch Date set for 27 September

26 September 2003 - SMART-1 Ready for Launch

Journal: Launch Readiness Review completed
Journal: Roll-out to Launch Pad

27 September 2003 - Launch of SMART-1

SMART-1 Launch

On 27 September, at 23:14 UT, Flight 162 successfully cleared the launch pad and SMART-1 was placed into its initial geostationary transfer orbit.

News: Successful launch of Ariane Flight 162


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